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Lawn Bowls

Isn't it a bit repetitive giving prizes such as silver plates, wooden or plastic plaques or even cups as trophies? What usually happens to these? Do they end up in a cupboard or a drawer or sometimes in the cabinet?

For your next prize giving why not present a nice whisky glass, wine glass, brandy glass, or something more substantial such as a crystal column? Your club could present a decanter for port, wine, brandy, whisky or water. Present something with the club logo and competition, or the name of a visiting club and their logo expertly engraved on it. These are items which can be used for a dinner party, a barbeque or just an evening drink at home. More and more clubs are now looking along the lines of something different for presentations.

I have already started to build up a portfolio of bowling club's badges or logos ready to be engraved onto glass or crystal and would be able to furnish you or your club with a fine piece of glass or crystal of your choice. If you already have a piece of glass or crystal then I could engrave your badge and wording onto that. 

Here are some interpretations of a few bowling club logos and badges from clubs around the United Kingdom. Most are from the West of Scotland but I hope to build up my collection. If your club is not here please feel free to send me a copy or photograph of the logo or badge and I will be happy to add it.

These should be sent to

Please note that in the following designs ALL THAT IS BLACK is engraved onto the glass or crystal.

Irvine Winton Bowling Club

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2160.png?1404737219Being my home club I feel it only right to give it pride of place as my first example.

Remembering that all that is black is engraved, the white lettering stands out really well when the area around the wording is engraved.



The Winton and Paisley Victoria Engraved  

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2391.jpg?1420844172 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2161.png?1404742651  



Paisley Victoria Bowling Club

For Paisley Victoria Bowling club I created two drawings. Both engrave well and look good though my favourite has to be the second of the two above. Sometimes when engraving you can do too much and on many occasions I have had to stop myself, especially when hand engraving. Too much can be as bad as too little.

Ardrossan, Annbank and Catrine Bowling Clubs




Many bowling club badges are of similar design but as we are all human we like to think of our one as different. These three club badges are of similar design but as you can see there are some subtle differences with the bowls, the shields and the laurel. 

I have listed below some of the club badges I have in my portfolio. Please feel free to browse and if your clubs logo or badge is there then I can engrave something to your requirements with ease, if not please consider sending me a copy. Email me at and I will be happy to add it to my artwork file.


Annbank and Girdletoll Bowling Clubs Engraved

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2392.jpg?1420844444 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2393.jpg?1420844555


/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2170.png?1404777193 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2165.png?1404777068 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2167.png?1404777110
/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2166.png?1404777090 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2173.png?1404777607 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2169.png?1404777159
/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2171.png?1404777217   /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2174.png?1404777742


/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2394.jpg?1420845019 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2172.png?1404777549


Irvine Parks Bowling Club




/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2175.png?1404777770 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2179.png?1404777913 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2177.png?1404777830
/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2182.png?1404778061 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2184.png?1404778561 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2183.png?1404778407
/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2176.png?1404777803 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2186.png?1404778787 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2188.png?1404778926



/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2395.jpg?1420845187 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2187.png?1404778856



Springhill Bowling Club Kilmarnock

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2189.png?1404778986 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2190.png?1404779043 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2192.png?1404779138
/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2191.png?1404779071 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2180.png?1404777943 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2194.png?1404779258
/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2181.png?1404777976 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2178.png?1404777879 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2193.png?1404779177




       Please Note: The permission of the individual club is required to use these logos.