A Gallery of my work.



Since taking up engraving as a hobby in the mid 70's I have completed quite a few engravings, some I have photographed but most I did not, I am sorry to say. Still, we all have accomplished knowledge in retrospect I suppose.

My Gallery Page (Instead of carring on at the bottom new work is here at the top.)

A few new addition to my gallery page.

This is a pint glass engraved very deeply around a monogrammed A giving the A the look of being high above the surface of the Glass.

'A' Monogram

This was engraved for a customer to present to his best man.

Please note how the A on the glass is prominent. This achieved by engraving out the glass around the A very deeply.

 A Brothers Gift to a Brother.

Again as a best man for his brother Little Big rececived this as a gift. Both being short of the top hatch, this turned out very well.

 This bottle of spitits is engraves with a cartton of two men, one tall, one short and both bauld striding along together with the words 'To Little Big A Bottle Of Thanks From Big Little.
Standing Diamond shape glass engraved with Film Festival Logo

Best Director

On The occasion of the Ayr Film Festival 2015 I was asked to engrave a number of these for the different winners of each section of the film industry.

Jaguar Table Top

This piece of engraved safety glass 22 Inches in diameter was for a table top. It was made to sit on top of an engine block.

A round piece of safety glass 22 inch in diameter engraved with the E Type Jaguar logo.
Two Glasses, one pint one whisky, engraved leaving Robert Burns shadow profile plain.

My Burns Set.

Engraved as a set these glasses were presented in a blue silk presentation box which also contained a Tot glass engraved in the same way


 Le Dolmaine Sports ClubA Wine and a whisky glass engraved with the logo of LeDomaine Sports Club and Irvine Winton Bowling club plus the flags of Scotland and South Africa. 










As a Member of the Lawn bowls fraternity one of my bowling pals asked for a gift for a friend from a South African Bowling Club to which I engraved this. With both the Scottish and the South African flags and both our bowling club badges these went on their way to South Africa where LeDomaine Sports Club Bowling Section accepted them with delight. 



 Happy Birthday JW

Engraved in the same way the monogram above was completed this glass has less depth cut into it.

A crystal wine glass with the letters JWG and a date engraved in negative.

A Memory of My Service Career. This is a diamond shaped glass engraved with a Royal Marines Globe and Laurel Crest and two commando daggers at either side. It has my name at the bottom.

Once a Royal Marine Always A Royal Marine

I Joined the Royal Marines in 1970 and until leaving in 1986 I had a whale of a time. Today I feel very fortunate to have been a member of the Corps and would change very little of my past.

If I was asked to recommend a life in the services I would whole heartedly recommend it for any young man or woman today.



As a follower of Burns, as probably most Scots are, I like to go to the Burns Suppers. Every year I usually get an invite to Irvine Lasses Burns Supper and I always like to take something along to add to their raffle. I always try to do something different and I thought I would share this one with you.

The Burns Years.

This is a square crystal plate engraved with a photograph of Robert Burns in the center and some of his poetry engraved around the edges. These depict his Ayrshire years, Edinburgh years and his Dumfries years.

These are a few engraving done for friends and family through the years and are of random snapshots taken by them or myself or other prints that have caught my eye. Most of these were engraved by hand though some have been carried out using the sandblasting method. 

A Whisky Set

Four personal engraved crystal whisky glasses and decanter in the middle. These are sat on a polished wooden base. 


Engraved as a 60th Birthday present, this whisky set was well received by both the group who purchased it and Huggie for whom it was purchased.




Probably my most favourite engraving. A mouse clinging to a maple leaf as it falls from a tree. The mouse is covering one eye and clinging for dear life to the maple leaf as if it were a parachute.



A Mouse.

Most of my engravings, it is fair to say, are from a picture that has inspired me, as the mouse did, hanging from the maple leaf or the Guide Dog with its white harness. The white harness lends itself well to this type of engraving. 




An engraving completed by me for a friend who was active in the training of Guide dogs. This is again engraved by hand on a flat glass and mounted on brass pillars above a black velvet background. This gives the engraving depth of field.


Guide Dogs for the Blind

When supported fractionally above a black velvet background the harness especially stands out well. This was engraved from the photograph of a Black Labrador.





An engraving of the badge of the Parachute Regiment. On this occasion it is mounted above a maroon velvet background.

The Paras

A friend in the Paras asked me before he retired from the service in the early 80's, if I would engrave his regimental badge as a memory of his time in the service. He now hangs this in pride of place in his hallway at home for all his visitors to see.




Robert Burns birthplace. A cottage in Allowa in south Ayrshire.

Burns Cottage, Alloway

As a Scot from Ayrshire I have always loved the Burns inspiration and since coming home to Scotland once again have attended my fair share of Burns Suppers. The Irvine Lassies being one of my favourites. Burns Cottage has inspired many an artist in the past and this is one of my creations.



A bottle of Baileys engraved by sandblasting after which the engraving is filled with gold paint.

A Retirement Gift

Who dislikes the dentist? Certainly not me, I have to say. When I found that my dentist was about to retire, I did a little digging and found she was keen on partaking a little tipple of the Baileys. Well I threw some ideas around and came up with this. After sandblast engraving the bottle I filled it, the engraving I mean, not the bottle, with gold paint. It came out looking quite good although I say so myself. It turned into a smashing and well received retirement gift.


An optic bottle engraved with the label of Jack Daniels.


And For my local


Although Jack Daniel’s is not my tipple, when I was challenged on how fine or delicate an engraving, when sandblasting, could be, I engraved this bottle with the Jack Daniel’s Label.  It now has pride of place in my local, The Turf Inn, Irvine, North Ayrshire. Search it out and have a look!





A Hand engraved tiger on a piece flat glass and mounted above a black velvet background.

The Tigers Face

My friend's wife happened to mention to her hubby one night, while watching a wild life TV show that she adored tigers, though I don't quite think she would manage to eat a whole one. He informed me of this which prompted me to engrave a tiger. This made one really happy housewife at Christmas.      


This engraving is on flat glass and is of a Wren wading in a river with the reeds blowing in the wind.



A Wren

This Wren was one of my first attempts at a bird. Sometimes it is what you leave out makes the picture look better.





Strathclyde Fire Service. A Hand engraving on flat glass of the badge of the Strathclyde Fire Service Completed as a Practice piece.


Strathclyde Police. An engraving completed as a practice piece engraved on flat glass by hand.











The Uniformed Services

Strathclyde Fire Service & Strathclyde Police


This is a Balmoral Star Based 1pt Tankard. It is sandblast engraved with a copy of the Royal Air Force Insignis. An early hand engraving of the Ships crest of HMS Brighton

The Royal Air Force

The Royal Navy

A Wine bottle engraved by sandblasting a wedding anniversary and packaged in a wooden presentation box. A Bottle of whisky engraved with a Clan Robertson Badge and the Family Tree of a couple celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary.














Wine or Whisky for a Celebration

This is a photograph of a bottle of Champagne with the label removed and an image  of it engraved on to that position with a personal message also.

These three bottles were engraved for three different occasions.

The bottle of Rose was engraved for a wedding gift whereas the whisky was engraved with a family tree in celebration of a golden wedding anniversary. The bottle of champagne, on the othe hand was for a dad who was enjoying another birthday.

Engraving on glass or crystal, whether on a flat piece of glass, a crystal wine goblet or even a vase for flowers makes a great commemorative gift. Crystal Gifts for Wedding Presents, a Best Man’s Gift, a Chief Bridesmaid's Gift, an Anniversary Gift, a Retirement Gift, a Birthday Gift, a Mother’s Day Gift, a Father’s Day Gift, a Christening Gift, a University Graduation or Service Commemoration, or a Sporting Achievement Gift to suggest but a few, are all appropriate and would be a great reminder for those who receive them.


 This is a glass block engraved with mother and father holding a new born baby. Above them and engraved in a curve is the words My Special Son. Below the parents is engraved the details of the birth, time, date and weight of the baby.

A Baby Is Born.

A friend's wife had a baby, Luke Alexander McKelvie. This engraving was completed as gift for the new parents.


A Champagne Wedding Gift

This was engraved and infilled with gold paint. The infill really worked well and is complemented by the gold top. Both champagne flutes were engraved in the same  way making this the ideal gift set for the bride and groom. 







The Patio Hotel, Inverness.


This is a picture of the trophy awarded to the winner of the Rose and Thistle Golf tournament at loch Lomond in 2015. The Rose and Thistle Trophy


 The Rose and Thistle Golf is a prestiege  charity tournament held at Loch Lomond  every year. It is a battle of old enamies,  Scotland V Englad. Both teams are skippered  by high profile sports personalities from both  countries. The tournament is now in its third  year and is organised by the sports  sponsorship and strategic consultancy firm  Staben Ltd.





Canheart is an ayrshire talent conpetition which has been organised and Hosted by Andy Black 

The show started on the 8th march and has been on every every sunday till the final on the 5th april 2015.

Please support Andy in his efforts to raise as much money as he is able. It's for a great cause.

Visit the Orange Hall in Kilwinning.on any of the Sunday leading uo to the final. 

Click o the trophy to go to the CANHEART facebook page.


A deep blue vase with the CANHEART logo and Ayrshire's Got Talent engraved then infilled with gold


Clan Cowan

 This is a picture of a crystal tower engrave with the crest of clan Cowan